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About 65% of all life insurance applications require a medical exam.

Technological advancements and innovation have had a tremendous impact in the life insurance business. Insurance companies have a lot more information on us than they did 20 years ago. Insurance companies pull your prescription drug history, your medical history, your motor vehicle report, your credit, your criminal background, and now they have a consumer report. Good or bad, they have this information which has made the underwriting process more streamlined and efficient.

Accelerated underwriting qualifications

As a general rule, you must be under 50 and applying for $1,000,000 or less of death benefit, though some carriers allow up to $3,000,000.
Very little or no medical history.
Nothing on your Prescription drug report that would indicate medical problems (example: taking insulin would indicate you are diabetic, taking blood thinners would indicate cardiovascular disease and insurance companies would want to see your blood work).
Insurapply works with many different life insurance companies, and at their own discretion may require additional information which could move you to traditional underwriting. This could result in a medical exam.

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If you have a family that depends on your income, the answer would be yes. Life insurance in its simplest form is designed to replace your income at some level. Life insurance is used in many ways. The majority of life insurance is bought to financially support your surviving family members, including covering paying off a mortgage and covering college costs.




Most insurance planners and insurance companies recommend 10 times your annual income. Refer to our Life Insurance Calculator to determine your personal need(s).

There are many different types of life insurance policies and many designs to accommodate the consumer today. Term insurance is the most popular choice because it is cost effective. However, for those with insurance needs or wants for lifetime coverage, whole life, guaranteed universal life, guaranteed indexed life, and indexed life provide excellent solutions. For insurance needs past the age of 85, most likely you’re looking for a permanent life insurance solution. Give us a call to speak with one of our experienced agents to discuss a permanent solution.

Getting married, having children, making more money, buying a bigger house, taking on more debt are indicators that would trigger an increase in coverage. We recommend that you evaluate your life insurance needs every 3-5 years.

Unlike term life insurance which comes in 10,15, 20, and 30-year increments, permanent life insurance is designed to last your entire life. Another way to say it, it is designed to be there to pay your beneficiaries when you pass, whether you are 85, 90, or 106 years old.

We love this question because we think transparency and honesty is paramount. In the Life Insurance business, the cost is the cost. So, if you see a life insurance ad that says they can get 40% off, don’t buy into it. Each insurance company evaluates risk differently, this is why you will not see uniform pricing across the spectrum. Pricing is different, that is why you need a broker to shop for you, to act on your behalf to get the best company, benefits, and price.

Yes. We have built a quoting engine for you to quickly compare over 30 different “A” rated life insurance companies in one location. You simply put in your birthdate, choose your health rating, death benefit amount you need, and pick how long you want your coverage to last, and immediately you will be able to view your rates. No cost to you.

Insurapply’s robust network of life insurance companies give you, the consumer, choice. Life insurance companies are evaluated and given an A, B, C and D rating based on their financial strength. Since life insurance needs to be there for your loved ones when you are not, Insurapply only works with “A” rated carriers. Some of the names on this list, you will recognize like Transamerica, AIG, and Nationwide. Others like Protective and North American who are “A” rated but do not have the same name recognition, are great companies, over 100 years old, and have great financial strength. When you are on the Insurapply website and see your quote or your rates, you will observe names you recognize and names you don’t. The quote you see is arranged according to price with the lowest cost first. So whether you want the lowest cost or you prefer to choose a company that you know, know this, all our carriers are “A rated and come with solid final strength.

Insurapply is a life insurance brokerage firm. We are not the insurance company, nor do we manufacture the life insurance products. Amazon does not make candy, but when you go online, you see Skittles, Snickers, Hershey’s and an assortment of candies to choose from. You can purchase this candy from your phone from anywhere. Insurapply is the same as Amazon, built specifically for life insurance, where you compare price, company, and have access our online tools for life insurance coverage.

As a true Life Insurance brokerage company, we represent over 30 “A”rated carriers bidding for your business. Insurapply acts like an auction with the insurance companies in the crowd bidding on your life insurance death benefit. Insurapply was built specifically for the end user to go at their own pace. If you are the type of consumer that likes to take their time and research our site for pertinent information, we have a robust library of topics and reading material that you will find valuable. If you wish to speak with customer service and want to feel more comfortable, want advise or guidance, we have over 30 years of experience to support you. You maybe the type of consumer that is comfortable with online shopping and you are primarily comparing price and desire not to speak with anyone, we’ve got you covered. At Insurapply, you can compare prices through our quoting engine in seconds and apply for coverage all in one place in minutes.

Insurapply has business relationships with over 30 “A” rated life insurance carriers across the U.S. Each company has a separate compensation agreement with Insurapply, and we get paid by the insurance companies directly. You do not pay Insurapply anything, there is no fee for our service. Insurapply does the marketing, the advertisements, and business processing so the insurance companies compensate Insurapply for this service and distribution. Because we represent so many life insurance carries, we do not favor one company over the other and we do not push you to a specific carrier. This non biased approach will provide you the best coverage for the best price available.

We are not affiliated with any Life Insurance company. We are a brokerage firm for life insurance carriers. We represent over 30 different “A” rated companies and without bias. In fact, we represent you. As a true brokerage firm for life insurance, we have structured our company to help you find the best coverage for the best price available.

Yes, Insurapply is required by law to be licensed in each state in which we conduct business. For example, in Texas, we are licensed through the Texas Department of Insurance. We pay our renewal fees to the state and provide proof of continuing education to stay current and up to date on state requirements.